Laundry Day            Actor            Caroline’s on Broadway

The Mondays          Improviser    Players Theater, UCB, The Pit



Paper Thin                     Lead/Writer        Pantry Boy

How Does God Work    Vocals            The Backyard (UCB Digital)

Fish Sitter                      Lead/Writer        Smarter and Dumber Comedy

“Happy” Parody            Featured        Soren and Jolles Comedy    

TLC’s Best Food Ever   Supporting        TLC

Step Up                        Featured        Dir: Anne Fletcher    



The Imbible                            Soprano        Broadway Theatre Studio

Ghostly Reacharound           Lead            Dir: Kate August (Boo! Festival)

Lunch                                     Lead            Bouncing Ball Theatre (NYTF)

Jesus Christ Superstar         Soul Girl        Catholic University

Leonard Bernstein’s Mass    Street Chorus    The Kennedy Center Opera House

The Pirates of Penzance       Sister            Catholic University



Improv UCB (Advanced) Will Hines, Shannon O’Neil, Mike Still, Brandon Gardner

Acting: Ken Schatz

Voice: Jan Horvath

Catholic University- BM in Theatre



Special Skills

Basic Italian and Spanish, Singer, Basic piano (drums, guitar, ukulele), Bartending, Cheerleading, Dancer (Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern), License …..”Basic” Swimming….Ok, I float!